The Canadian Rant Episode 16: The Toronto Blue Jays

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Rob Cairns talks about the Toronto Blue Jays Mess.

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Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas over at stunning digital marketing. In today’s podcast, I wanna talk about. Our wonderful Toronto Blue Jays baseball team in this edition of the Canadian Rent. This team, for all the talent they have and everything they’ve got going for them, seems to be the most unprepared team on. The face of the earth. We just went through a suite with the Texas Rangers who, as far as I’m concerned, effectively eliminate the Blue Jays from the playoffs. Yeah, there’s two weeks left, but I don’t think they have a hope in you know what? And frankly, at the end of the day, this is not a good thing. What has brought this on? We’ve got a couple of good young kids like Schneider and coming up who have been remarkable. We have one of the best pitching Staffs in the American League till the last four games and they seem to have imploded or given up. But what’s going on? These hitters just can’t seem to hit. It doesn’t matter if it’s vladdy junior Bichette, Springer and so on on a consistent basis. And I attribute that to preparation and being prepared and leadership and leadership goes down to two people, Ross Atkins. And their manager Schneider and frankly, I think they should be gone. Alex and sopas. You know the reality of it all is the Jays didn’t want him. He couldn’t do it. And what’s he done in Atlanta made the playoffs 6 times and won. The World Series. And what have they done here since Alex left? Sweet ****** all. Well, so food for thought. Let’s fix it and fix it now and then we can decide what to do with contracts and so on and so forth. And we need to find some guys who can hit on a consistent basis. This is hitting just about sucks lately. Yes, you’re hearing from one disgruntled Blue Jays fan, but there’s many more like me in this city of Toronto. Have a great day, everybody enjoy your Friday and be well. Talk to you all soon on the Canadian rank, Rob Cairns talking about the Toronto Blue Jays. Bye bye for now.


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