One Thing You Should Do When You Change Who Maintains Your Website

Businesses evolve. We all change providers and your digital world is not any different. Sometimes you just outgrow a provider, are not happy with a provider or even need a new skill set. So what do you do, you make a change.

You change who has access to your website. You change the administrator to your website. This is a good idea if you are making a change. Old administrator accounts are not a good idea.

One thing many website owners in the WordPress world forget to change is the notifications from their website. I still am receiving notifications from one former client from 3 years ago.

You would think to the former client this would be alarming but it seems not. On my end it is easy to manage – I just set a rule to delete these notifications.

Some of these notifications are important. They tell you if backups have been completed or if you have a security issue on your website.

These notifications should be changed to your new Web Support professional but is amazing how many business owners and web support professionals forget this step.

Make sure your notifications go where they should.

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