Thoughts on Cloud Storage

Many people in the entrepreneur/online space go all in with Google Workspaces for email, cloud store and more. Late last year I looked at offerings and decided a hybrid approach was the best for my agency.

I do not use Google Workspaces anymore. I moved my email to Australian-based Fastmail. They have amazing features including multiple domains, the ability to set up rules on your smartphone and up to 100 email aliases. Their service is designed with the power user in mind.

I use One Drive for the bulk of my file storage. The reality is at $129 per year for 6 Microsoft accounts and 6 1 TB One Drive accounts, Such a great value.

Now this handles almost everything except personal pictures. After looking all over the place I had to come back to Google to manage these. I signed up for a 200 Meg Google One Account to manage my photos. At 2.99 cad per month, it’s a great deal.

I hope this helps you with your choices.

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