Update to Lots Going On

Earlier in the month I talked about that I have lots going on.

I was smart, breathed and now have a better sense of how to handle some things. Some key takeaways when I look at the entire mess:

  • Keep eating and sleeping well.
  • Make sure I continue my exercise.
  • Continue to have some down/social time on the weekend.
  • Do not worry about things I can not control.
  • I am not spending much time on social media – I do not need to go down that rabbit hole.
  • I restarted my meditation regime. This helps how I feel.
  • Reprioritize non critical projects including my book project.
  • Make sure I take breaks
  • Use my ToDo List and Calendar effectively.
  • Using the word NO when I have too

Doing these helps on dealing with everything I have on my plate.