Ethics in The Web Business

I have been having fun. Last week I had to deal with an IT company that registered my new client’s domain for them. I have previously discussed why clients should always register their domain – so this does not happen.

Today I want to discuss ethics. You should not be hanging on a client’s digital assets. This is not good for your long-term business.

In the case of holding on to domain names, this is not a good idea. You are going to hang on to a $20 .com and potentially impact future business. People do talk.

I would suggest that holding a client hostage over a domain name is bad for business, If the client wants out, just transfer the domain name to them. It is that easy.

The same with a website backup. When a client wants to move I always put a recent website backup for them to download on a shared drive. I always allow a client to ask for the backup until their contract expires. After all, that is why they are on a Security Maintenance plan.

Ethics matter and they are the best way to conduct business,

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