Thoughts on AI

AI – Artificial Intelligence has been all the rage in marketing and web design communities for the last 18 months.

There have been many people who have embraced AI as a tool and many people who feel AI is problematic.

Let us address the first big question – jobs. In the long run, AI will not cost jobs. What AI will do is change the way people will perform their jobs. AI is a part of evolution. Jobs evolve.

Look at the publishing industry. When the printing press was developed it just made publishing books easier, AI will do the same in marketing and web design.

What people need to remember is AI is a tool. One that can make your job easier. It is a good way to start an article for example.

We have used AI for a long time to help edit photos, create transcripts for podcasts and even streamline video editing. It has made our lives much easier. AI will do the same in many more areas.

You can ignore AI or embrace it. The choice is yours.

If it where me I would embrace it and use AI to help your business.

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