Episode 8 The Leafs Are In Trouble

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Rob Cairns talks about why in his opinion he thinks the Toronto Maple Leafs are in trouble.

He quickly looks at the team’s issues, including the management.

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Hey everybody, I’m Rob Cairns, the Founder, CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at Sunning Stunning Digital Marketing. I hope everybody’s doing a great day in today’s Canadian rant I want to talk about.

Something more sporting today.

The NHL preseason starts on Saturday with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and I should.

Put out a bit of a disclaimer, I’m so not only spending a Habs fan.

And at least have fans know that their team is rebuilding and growing for the long term the least.

The reality is every year in September and October they’ve won the Stanley Cup and they have the Stanley Cup going down Young Street or Bay St.

And frankly, the closest the cup has gotten to the lease in the last number of years is the Hockey Hall of Fame, which is at the corner of front and young and.

The point of this is to point out that deleese really didn’t do anything in the offseason once again, so they’ve got their whole salary cap tide up among four players.

Tevara smyrner.

Matthews and Nylander and the reality is to virus is turning into the overpaid $11 million overpaid man. And that’s not really a good thing as far as Lisa concerned, because it gives him no room and ceveris, Marner, and Matthews all have no movement clauses.

So the big question is, what is Mr Dubas, the general manager, gonna do?

And the reality is he can’t do much.

And what did he do?

He let goaltending, which has been an issue with the loose with Camberley, let Campbell go to Edmonton in the offseason.

He didn’t do much there to save a bit of dollars.

He still hasn’t done anything for defense.

And frankly, in the NHL, in today’s league, you build your team from then and out.

So you start with a goaltender, then it get a couple defencemen and then a couple forwards.

So it looks like his only alternative is probably to ship Nylander out of town, which would be a shame, but.

Probably necessary, and it would be a shame ’cause, I think Nylander’s a 40 goal scorer in the National Hockey League.

But the problem is he’s coming up to a contract renewal soon, and that’s going to be more money that the lease can’t afford to pay because Mr Douglas has managed his budget.

Very bad.

Frankly, I’m now counting days because I think he will be out of a job before Christmas, so that’s bound to happen.

And I’m not so sure that Brendan Shanahan, the president, won’t go with him as well.

I mean, the reality of it all is Shanahan.

Hired dubas.

Shanahan refuses to fire Dubas, so they joined at the hip.

So they need both to go.

If we fans want to see Stanley Cup in Toronto, they need to put pressure on management for them to get better and do it now.

Rob Caron, founder, CEO and chief creator amazing ideas that’s stunning digital.

Marketing, have a great day.

Bye bye for now.


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