History Today and Some Thoughts

This morning I was up early. I wanted to watch the State Service for Queen Elizabeth II.

I thought the funeral was so fit for someone that has meant so much to the world as Queen Elizabeth II. We are in a much better place because of her.

The Queen’s relationship with Canada has been amazing over the years. So much so that RCMP on horseback lead the parade. She visited our country more than any other one.

The services this morning were emotional and moving. The services recognized one of the most important ladies in the history of the world in the last 100 years.

We need to remember that Queen Elizabeth II impacted the world but she was also a Mother, Grandmother and had her own family. They will miss her a great deal and I am sorry for their loss.

Death always causes you to reflect. I find myself reflecting a lot this morning. I am reflecting about many things including my own life. Funerals and big events tend to do this to us. The best we can do is take events to remember and in the long run make us stronger. We need to learn from the past and improve for the future.

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