Episode 1: New Podcast and Why I Dislike Pro Sports All Star Games

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Rob Cairns talks about his new podcast and why he does not like All Star games in Pro Sports.

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Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here.

For those who don’t know me, I’m the founder, CEO and Chief.

Creative amazing ideas over its stunning digital marketing.

And today I’m really excited to announce my new podcast, the Canadian Rant.

And what is this podcast and why a new podcast?

Well, the reality of it all is.

The new podcast comes out of I wanted to do something creative that’s not WordPress or marketing.

I have a podcast called The SDM Show that’s well above 250 episodes. That’s kind of.

Marketing and WordPress and business.

And I want to do something a little fun and get some ideas out there.

And so I thought I’d start a new podcast.

Calling it the Canadian rent.

In this podcast is a little different.

I haven’t jazzed it up with some header music or trailer music at this point, and I’m just going to kind of talk and share some thoughts.

And today’s episode I want to talk about All Star games in professional sports.

And tonight, at the time of the recording, this recording is the baseball All Star game.

Now what it should tell people, listeners is I’ve been to a numerous number of All Star games have been to two baseball games in Montreal and Toronto.

Well, back when Montreal had the Expos and I’ve been to a hockey All Star game as well.

And there was a time when All Star games, especially in baseball, served that purpose and I’ll.

Tell you why.

You didn’t play teams in the other league, so American League teams didn’t play nationally.

Teams and nationally teams didn’t play American League teams until the World Series.

And that all.

Changed when we got into interlocking schedules.

The other problem with All Star games is they’re really not for the average fan anymore.

They’re further which fan.

Let me give you an example.

When I went to the baseball All Star game in Montreal in Olympic Stadium in.

The early 80s.

The cost of a Bleacher ticket was $12.00. Canadian for the cheapest ticket in the house.

And frankly, now that cost is exorbitant, the way sours have gone up, the way TV’s gone up, and so on and so forth.

And the problem is the players make so much money the All Star game doesn’t matter.

And that we now have.

Interlocking schedules it even.

Doesn’t matter even more in baseball.

So that’s kind of.

What my problem with the baseball game is the hockey game.

I’m an avid NHL hockey fan.

But the all.

Star Game is a glorified shinny contest.

And they need to do something with it.

Watching a game with no defense, no hitting.

No goaltending from my standpoint, that’s not really fun to watch.

And let’s go to football.

The NFL has the Pro Bowl, which is usually the week before the Super Bowl, and I actually find it boring.

And basketball.

It’s a glorified.

Outside a pick up.

Game, as far as I’m concerned.

I won’t be watching the baseball game tonight.

I won’t be watching any of these games.

A lot of it is to satisfy the sponsors of the sport.

How do we get the sponsors of baseball together?

How do we get the sponsors of.

Hockey together.

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