Episode 9 Sports and More Sports

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Rob Cairns talks about lots of Sports today.

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  1. The Blue Jays
  2. The Leafs
  3. Hockey Canada

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Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO, and chief creator of amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing. In today’s Canadian rant, I focus on three big sports stories. What a shock sports.


We’ll start with the biggest one that happened a week in a bit ago and I’m still having issues. Digesting was the Toronto Blue Jays blowing an 8-1 lead and losing a game 9 to 8. To get knocked out of the Wild Card series. What a meltdown that was. That and frankly it never should have happened. I think the game was managed badly by management and the players and that was a bit of a disaster.

Second sports story #2. Hockey Canada. And the sex abuse? Uhm, issues going on within Hockey Canada. Andrea Skinner, the CEO interim CEO of Hockey Canada, was brain dead and tone deaf with the way she acted in front of a parliamentary committee. Three now, finally, Andrea resigned. So did the CEO, and so did the board. So maybe we’ll have a cultural change. Down the road, that might be a good thing. It might be a bad thing, but who knows on that one and the third big problem.

The Toronto Maple Leafs goaltending problems? Well, what can we say there? The last year at this time the least starting goalie. Went out on injured reserve, and guess what, folks? Matt Murray, who’s got a history of injury, who the least just acquired in the offseason, is out for at least four weeks. So the gold tanks goaltending saga continues. And how can management keep doing this silly stuff? Frankly, at the end of the day. It’s just ridiculous that this kind of stuff continues. It’s time for MLSC to clean house. Shanahan needs to go, do bus needs to go and frankly the rest of the management needs to go.

quick sports rants this week on the. Canadian, right. Have a great day. Bye, bye for now.


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