Episode 4: A Follow-up From Last Week and Why I Hate Litter

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Rob Cairns looks back to his issue with Boston Pizza last week and how it was resolved.

He then talks about why he hates litter and the issue with it.

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Hey everybody, I’m Rob Cairns

I’m the Founder, CEO, and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas up at Stunning Digital Marketing.

I hope everybody is doing great today.

So in today’s Canadian rant, I want to take a look back about something I talked about last week and then talk about a new subject.

So let’s look back at the whole Boston Pizza customer service tobacco.

The reality of it all is Boston Pizza head office reached out to me and frankly.

I didn’t think.

Their head office did a very good job.

I think the woman from head office was more concerned about.

Corporate crap and.

You know?

It’s the same old, same old, same old, and.

It was like she was reading from a script and I really wasn’t happy.

But the day?

Got better, the head manager at the franchise reached out to me and apologized profusely and ended up taking care of us.

So very special.

Thank you to Joanne at the financial Dr location of Boston Pizza Mississauga.

Thanks Sam.

We’ll be back.

So today’s Canadian rent.

I was going for a walk the other day.

And I came across an area.

I know it’s just litter everywhere.

It really bugs me and we’re not talking even big stuff.

We’re talking things like a pop can.

Or a pop.

Bottle or a napkin.

It’s like this.

Is why we have environmental problems.

People don’t give a care.

And frankly, at the end of the day.

They’re all self entitled.

Why should I carry it?

Why should I do this?

Why do I need to have a garbage can and any areas in by the way?

Those the garbage can oh probably four or five feet from where I was, so they go locked into the garbage can.

Absolutely disgusting that people don’t care about their environment.

And then they say oh but the environment.

This and the environment that really.

Has the environment just become a cachet for when?

People think it’s fashionable or they care.

Instead of actually looking at what they’re doing.

In my day when I was young and I’m approaching 55 years old.

My parents would have said, ah, eat that chocolate bar wrapper, put it in your pocket till you got home and then when we got home where would it go in the garbage?

Very simple.

No mess, no fuss, no crap.

But why the hell does some of these people need to inflict on property they don’t even roll crap if they want to treat their own property like a pigsty?

Frankly, feel free.

If you want to not treat your.

Property like a pigsty.

Good to on you too, but don’t treat common areas.

The city property, the woods, the nature.

This is what causes things like the animals to go away and people not to enjoy these spaces ’cause they look awful and look like a mess.

Why do that to us, frankly?

Treat things.

With respect.

That’s the key thing.

And I think respect is something that’s out the window, especially when it comes to environment.

It’s become a fashionable term, so people I hate to say it, and it’s my podcasts angry Frank clean up the damn litter.

Don’t throw your stuff all over the place.

Throw it in the garbage can, take it home, throw it in the garbage when you see one don’t make a mess.

Rob Cairns, CEO, founder, Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing.

Clean up that damn litter and thanks again.

Boston Pizza for sorting out our problem.

Have a great day.

Bye bye for now.

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