Episode 3: Customer Service Issues at Boston Pizza

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Rob Cairns talks about recent customer service issues that he had at Boston Pizza in Missisauga, Ontario.

In this episode he shares what they did wrong and what they should have done better.

Customer service seems to be a lost art and this is one more care where a company did not meet expectations.

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Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here.

I’m the Founder, CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas over at Stunning Digital Marketing.

Today I’m here with episode three of the Canadian rant.

What do we want to talk about today?

Well, I want to dive into.

The world of customer service.

For those who.

Have followed me on the Internet for a long time though.

Back in the day.

So back five or six years ago, actually longer than that.

I ran A blog called the Customer Service Hollich Chain.

What I talked about was issues in customer service and they were becoming so prevalent at the time.

I finally said I don’t need all this negativity stuff and I shut the blog down.

It was getting ridiculous.

Well, I want to tell a customer service story that happened on the weekend.

It was in.

Mississauga, with my good friend Leslie and we went out to Boston Pizza when the biggest pizza joints in Canada had financial drive.

The Hostess didn’t even acknowledge us when we came in and took three or four minutes in an empty restaurant to get us seated.

And then the food.

Was fine, I mean, it was typical Boston Pizza style, but the waitress.

Oh my God.

And I mean, Oh my God, in an empty restaurant with not more than five tables running.

Was having issues even servicing us.

She twice took forever to get his drink refills in the middle of the meal, and frankly when my friend left, they.

Paid the bill.

She decided to stand over us like waiting for something magical to happen.

It’s just not the way you do it.

Service was deplorable.

And then to add to that, as we were leaving the restaurant, I said thank you to the lady at the Hostess stand and none even got an acknowledgement smile.

Oh, you’re welcome.

I have a nice day nothing.

And this is a.

Franchise restaurant we have been going into for over 12 years.

And I’m now at the point where frankly, I don’t even want to go back.

And I want to tell all my friends, hence this podcast not to go there because.

If you can’t service people when you’re not busy, what’s it gonna be like when you’re busy?

Actually, I think restaurants do better when they’re busy because they’re just moving and in a flow when they’re not busy, it’s awful.

So that’s a bit of an issue for me.

What have I done about it?

I reached out to the Boston Pizza Twitter account.

They said to me to.

E-mail customer service, which I did.

And frankly.

I’ve asked customer service to call me at the time that it’s recording.

We’re in a Canadian holiday, so I expect it will be a day or two, but we’ll actually see what comes out of it.

Because, frankly.

This is just one example of many lately where I’ve walked into a.

A restaurant or a retail store or somewhere in service is awful, and if it’s going to be that bad, I might as well jump on Amazon and just have this stuff shipped to my house and be done with it, frankly.

Because Amazon at least gets it right.

And then I don’t have to mess around and life is better and these companies haven’t figured out that if they want to excel.

If they provide customer service, they will excel.

So Boston Pizza.

Get your act together.

Rob Cairns on the Canadian Rant.

Have a great day.

Bye bye for now.


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