It Has Been Crazy

As the summer is coming to an end it has been crazy around here., Part of it is life and part is my own doing!

On the business side, I decided to switch my Podcast hosting back to Anchor from Castos. The reality is I wanted to simplify and was not using any of the premium hosting features. So it was just not worth it for me. The move back took me most of last week but it is now done.

On the E-Mail marketing side, I will also be moving from Convert Kit back to MailPoet. Frankly for what I am doing, MailPoet will work and I have an LTD to handle more then I need right now. That move should be made over the long weekend.

Besides these two big moves I have been working on a couple of new products. The first two should launch soon.

I am extremely happy despite all the craziness, Lots happening and that is the way I like it.

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