Why Not To Use Free Wi-Fi

I need to start this article off by saying I am writing this not at home. I am at a Starbucks.

I am not on the Starbucks Wi-Fi. I am using the Internet connected from my laptop. Writing on the go is great.

Now people who ask why not use the Starbucks Wi-Fi. It’s free!

This is not a good idea especially if you care about any privacy or data security.

Free Wi-Fi is usually open. That means there is no security to get on to it. That means things like passwords, credit card numbers and data are not encrypted.

This means anyone on the network can see your data and that means your passwords, credit card numbers and data.

There are tools avilable all over the Internet to accomplish this.

Do you want to protect your data or not?

I want my data protectedd so it is better to use the Internet connected via my smart phone. This is much better for security and data privacy.

The choice is yours.

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