Voice Validation is a Big Security Risk

I have been thinking about this topic for a while now. As a security guy, I tend to ponder topics like this one. It seems I was not the only one thinking about it – It was talked about on the DTNS podcast last Friday.

The question is should you ever do voice validation in today’s world to protect ANY of your accounts? This is a big NO – do not do it.

AI is the big reason. With AI tools you can replicate someone’s picture and voice very easily. The reality is if you have any social media and unless you are living under a rock – you probably have a picture or two on the Internet.

As for the voice aspect, many people such as podcasters, media personalities, actors/actresses and even those who have been interviewed have public voices. With AI these voices can be easily cloned which makes it easy to validate using voice authentication.

As someone who has over 400 podcasts out on the Internet, has been on many other podcasts, has been interviewed over the years and has done public speaking this put me at extreme risk.

So I refuse to do ANY voice validation. Do not do it and protect yourself.

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