Clients and Processes

One of the things in my business that matters is processes. Simple ones like the prospective clients need to book a call so we can discuss their project.

A couple of reasons. First I always like to meet the prospective client on a Zoom call to see if they are real. The 2nd thing is are we compatible and can we work together?

Today I had a prospective client ask if we could discuss a project. I suggested that they book a 30-minute call to discuss. 3 emails later and the prospective client still has not booked a call.

I suggested since they could not follow a simple process I did not want to work with them.

If the prospective client can not follow the processes I need to follow, they are not a good fit. This is a red flag and screams do not work with them.

The other issue is that the prospective client can not handle simple instructions in this case. What is going to happen when the instructions become more detailed?

This is another red flag.

So the moral here is processes matter in a big way.

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