Episode 14: Canada’s Online News Act

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Rob Cairns out the GOVT of Canada Online News Act.

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Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing and today’s quick Canadian rant. I wanna talk about Bill C18 in Canada, the online news bill, and my latest bone to pick with. Our federal government. So our government instituted a bill called Bill C18 that requires the online the online services like Meta, IE, Facebook, Google and so on to pay news creators for sharing their. Links so Meta did what they were supposed to do and stopped sharing. Weeks without payment and now the government is coming out because we have forest fires going on in BC and Northwest territories and blaming meta for not getting information out there because they’re following the law. I have a problem with this. They are a private company so a couple things. Number one, people can go directly to the new site sitecbc.ca or ctvnews.ca and so forth and find out what’s going on. And if they’re too lazy, that’s on them. The other thing is our government can get off their **** and put out a press release on meta, which they have chosen not to do. That’s on them. They have no business the our federal government and frankly, and that means Justin Trudeau and his band of merry men and the Premier BC to come out and ask Meta to put this information out. No, they instituted the online news act. And Meta is following the online news act. The point I’m making is sometimes governments need to think about what they ask for and what they institute, especially those who aren’t very technology savvy. So think about it folks, what should be done in this case? Frankly, Netta should stick to its guns as far as I’m concerned, and not put anything out there. And if people wanna get the news, they’ll get the news. Rob Cairns, founder CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing. Talking about Bill C18, 

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