Episode 5 We Do not Have to Be Immediately Accessible Because We Have a Cell Phone

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Rob Cairns talks about why just because we have a cell phone we do not always need to be available. 

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Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here. 

I am the Founder, CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing. In Episode 5 at a Canadian rant I want to talk about. 

Just because we have a cell phone, we don’t have to be immediately accessible to everybody. 

I should tell you, this is a big pet peeve of mine. 

People assume because we all carry cell phones. 

We need to drop everything every time a call comes in. 

I had, who is now a former friend on the weekend. 

Dump all over me because I was busy. 

They called. 

I was in the middle of dinner. 

I didn’t take the call. 

I texted him back saying I was eating. 

At the time. 

And they made all kinds of assumptions. 

I was busy. 

I didn’t have time for them. 

And it went on and went on and went on.

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