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How We Manage Our To-Do List

As many of you know, I am big on productivity. Productivity helps make my life a better place.

Over the years I have tried different ways of managing my To-Do List. The following describes how I manage it and what works well for me.

The first thing I do is go over my To-Do list every night. I then write the 3 or 4 high-priority items on paper. I leave the paper on my laptop keyboard so it is the first thing that I see in the morning. This method keeps my high-priority goals in front of me.

My main To-Do lists are broken up into two components:

  1. Business – kept in Notion
  2. Personal – Kept in Google Tasks.

Both Notion and Google tasks are on my smartphone and iPad. This helps me keep track even when I am not at home.

Not only does Notion keep my business To-Do list in order but I also use it to manage all my business projects. It works well for what I use it for.

I hope this helps you manage your To-Do list.

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