Episode 11: Spare

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Rob Cairns talks about Prince Harry’s book spare

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Hey all Rob Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas over at stunning digital marketing. In today’s Canadian rent, I want to talk about this book. Spare by Prince Harry. And other people would say why even reading that stuff? Well, frankly, it’s newsworthy. And what I would tell you, and I’ve always known this is. A lot of people accuse Harry of being the problem. I hate to say it. I think the royal family is the problem. The only difference is Harry has aired the Royal family’s personal privacy laundry in public. And that’s a bit of an issue. But my take on that is I don’t know if he had a choice. It sounds like to his side of the story. He tried to meet with his dad who’s now King Charles, and he’s tried to meet with Prince William to discuss such issues. It personally on his account sounds like they were not supportive of him. To the point that he needed to be. Which led to a bit of life of anxiety and depression. And I can understand that happening, having been through some mental health crisis is when I’m not supportive. So that side of it I get. He chose with his wife Meghan to live a life that was against the royal family. So the royal family had two options. That he could either continue to pay them and buy his silence, or they cut him off and let the free for all start, which is the choice they did. So knowing Harry’s makeup, it’s really hard to say. The Royal family had no idea this what’s going to happen. I would humbly disagree. They made a choice. They made a choice for their family. And Prince Harry made a choice. Him and he chose to tell his recollection. Now what I will say is if. You’re going to. Reach there I would suggest you go get the audio book. It’s read by Prince Harry himself it’s. Available on audible. You hear Harry’s emotions. In telling his side of the story, will the royal family rebut this publica? I would think not. Will there be a second book and then the other ministers? I would think so because it’s an income. So that’s my take sun spare and rob, Karen CEO, chief, creator of amazing ideas, have a great day. Bye bye for now. 


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