Certain Events Shape the World

So I do not write many blog posts. Today I thought I would write one. Certain events and certain people shape the world we live in.

One of those people was Queen Elizabeth II. She helped shape the world and Canada.

For those who do not know, the Queen passed away on my 55th birthday last week. Next Monday there will be a funeral that we have never seen in this lifetime. Princess Di’s funeral was large and this funeral will be even larger.

Queen Elizabeth II showed up every did. She did it. That really means a lot to the world. She never called it in. She was there for the UK and the world. That says a lot.

A lot of the morals of the world were influenced by Queen Elizabeth II. That says a lot.

Today was we head towards Monday’s funeral my heart is a little sad. We lost someone that touched many peoples lives at times and made them much better.

Queen Elizabeth II you have left this world in a much better place then when you entered it. I think in many ways we all benefited from her presence in one way or another.

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