My Photo Library Mess

As of September 1st, I decided to terminate my Google Workspace email. The reality was Google was not serving me well for e-mail.

I decided to move my e-mail to Fastmail which is a privacy-based e-mail service. I do not regret this move at all. I am really happy.

Fortunaly when I made this move, both my Google Business Profile and YouTube pages were linked to my legacy Gmail account. My photos were not.

At the time I figured not a problem. I already get Amazon Photos included in my Prime subscription. Problem solved or so I thought.

Let me give you a bit more backstory. I was uploading my photos to OneDrive, Google Photos, and Amazon Photos as a backup. So I thought I was just going to use the Amazon Photos App. Boy was I wrong.

Amazon Photos works great in a web browser but in the app, it crashes because of the size of my photo library. So much for unlimited photos. This happens both in IOS and Android.

So frustrating so I am back using Google Photos via Google One. The reasons are as follows:

  • The app does not crash.
  • Google Photos storage space is cheap.
  • Google Photos has great AI capabilities.
  • Google Photos has an amazing search tool.
  • Google Photos runs great on IOS and Android.

I should add that I still upload photos to both OneDrive and Amazon Photos as backups.

I hope this helps in your photo storage journey,

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