The Canadian Rant Episode 17: The Rise and Fall of the Toronto Blue Jays

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Rob Cairns talks about the rise and fall of the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Hey everybody, I’m Rob Cairns. I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas. It’s stunning digital marketing in today’s Canadian rent. I wanna address for rise and fall of the Toronto Bouches. So the Blue Jays soap opera started off mid season with Alex Manor. Not pitching well and that has turned into an absolute soap opera. Is he hurt? Is he not hurt? What’s going on there? Will he be back in the Toronto uniform? Who knows? The former Cy Young Award contender really didn’t pitch well, and frankly, he shouldn’t have been on the roster at that point in time, and I think it’s played out a little. Then the hitters don’t seem to have hit well all year, despite all the high-priced hitting talent we had. Our defense was great, but our hitting was a big problem. And picturing didn’t seem to be a problem till game two of the wild card. So let’s break down the Wild card games against the twins in the first game. Bichet decides because we’re not scoring runs to manufacture, run, and head for home. And what happens? He gets thrown out at the plate. Not really a good smart base running move. I know you try and make things happen when they’re not happening, but this was ridiculous in game Wild card game two vlady gets, junior gets thrown out at second base and the manager goes in the pool out barrios. He’s only pitched 40 odd pitches and pitching the best game of the year. All because of one thing analytics analytics told them to make a change. Analytics screwed him. The fans and the Toronto Blue Jays. When the picture is pitching that well, you go against the grain and leave them in the box. OK. And for that, I don’t blame just her manager, John Schneider. I blame the President. I blame the general manager. There is much to shoulder to blame in this mess. As the manager on the field. And people aren’t gonna want to hear that. But that’s the reality of it all. The baseball manager no longer calls all the shots on the field. A lot are predetermined and called. Buy the entire team so the entire team needs to take. Yeah. Now the question is what do we do with this mess next year? I don’t know. First thing we need to solve the Manoa problem. Decide. Are we gonna bother or we not? And if we’re not, let’s just get it done. Then we need to sort out these hitters and decide if we’re gonna. Signed Vladdy junior to a long term deal or not at this point, I don’t think we should, but that’s beside the point anyway. Just venting some frustration, everybody Rob Karen’s CEO and chief creator. Amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing ranking about the fall of the Toronto Blue Jays. Have great day. Bye. Bye for now.


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