Episode 13: Customer Service In Today’s World

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In this episode, Rob Cairns talks about customer service in today’s world.

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Hey everybody, I’m Rob Cairns. I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas over at stunning digital market. Haven’t done one of these Canadian rant episodes in a long, long time. So I wanted. To dive into an issue called customer service. And it’s become a big pet peeve right now, I know companies are cost cutting in. A big way. But they have to service their customers. And they have to be open minded and they have to hear what the customer has to say. And for me that’s a bit of a big deal. So one thing I’ve noticed with a lot of people in customer services, the minute you challenge them and say I’ve got a problem, they dismiss you. They say I don’t want to talk to you and on the phone they’ll actually say things like I’m gonna disconnect this call cause we can’t help you. Disconnecting a call because you can’t help somebody. Is customer service bad? Frankly, it’s customer disservice, and we need to stop acting that way. What we should be doing is listening to the customer. Using the customer’s concerns as an opportunity to fix things and make your business better. That is really important. I’ve got a good friend of mine. Him and his wife. Partner in a jewelry store. And why did they do so well? In a smaller store that’s independent. Truthfully, they know how to service their customers. Their customers come in and they make them happy. And when there’s a problem, they care about what the customer says and how they say. Customer service for them is everything. It’s what separates small stores. From the big boys we know in the telecoms business, customer services, non-existent. And frankly, not a really good thing. What I would suggest is. You know. Customer service. If you elevated it. You would actually make your business stand out. Companies that are known for good service like Apple get a really good reputation because they’ve elevated their service with the Genius bar. So what you need to do, frankly, is to elevate your customer service and make it not as much. A problem? And that is really important. So treat your customers really well and they will keep coming back. I promise you that. I know when I get bad service, when I go out to a restaurant or a store. I don’t want to go back there and that’s just me and I’m very temperamental that way and I’ll admit that so folks think about customer service. If your customer service is Excel. Your clients will keep coming back. Don’t treat your customers like they’re nothing because they can vote you out of their life with their money and their business. They’ve karens. Founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas over at stunning digital marketing. You want to help with your digital marketing? Go to my digital marketing website, stunningdigitalmarketing.com. Or if you want to hear more personal thoughts, Rob Karens dot XYZ have a great day. Bye bye for now.


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