Health Update

Most of you know that I spent time in the hospital at the end of February/Early March. I thought I would take a minute to share with you a bit of a health update.

13 days ago I was taken off the portable IV that was giving me antibiotics. Dr, Thompson switched me to oral dial antibiotics for two weeks. I see Dr. Thompson on Thursday of this week. It is also worth noting I still go for daily wound care.

My diabetic meds have been adjusted. I am off all short-term insulin. My long-term insulin has dropped in the amount I am taking. I am still on pills as well.

The biggest issue is I am still hitting a few sugar lows in the middle of the night. I have a phone call with the diabetic clinic later this morning. Hopefully, they can make some suggestions to help with this.

I am eating better than ever before. I now have healthy snacks. I have not had a potato chip in over 2 months!

I am back walking to exercise so that is good for me physically and mentally.

That is about it for now. Thank you to everyone for your support.


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