Episode 2: The Problem with News Reporting Today

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Rob Cairns talks about the problems with news reporting today. He talks about the difference between fact and opinion. More and more media is becoming opinion based.

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Hey everybody, I’m Rob Cairns. I’m the Founder, CEO, and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas over at Stunning Digital Marketing. 

In today’s episode of the Canadian Rant. 

I’m going to. 

Talk about an issue I have with journalism in today’s world. 

I need to start this off by saying it’s gotten so bad that I don’t watch many newscasts and frankly I skin skim the news. 

I pretty well know what’s going on. 

Twitter helps news sites help. 

But I have a problem with the way some of the news has been reported and this has been going on for a long time. 

Newspapers are generally considered trusted sources and the problem is most news outlets have cut down from four or five beat writers, sometimes to. 

Or two wannabe? 

And as a result. 

Journalists do not have the time to actually investigate the news properly, and this is an issue, so let me give you an example. 

Couple weeks ago we had a Rogers outage and a family member came to me and said there was an article in the Toronto Star and. 

And Rogers had been hacked. 

It took one look at the article and looked at the family member and said and show me the credible source that was quoted. 

Oh, it must be true. 

It was in the newspaper. 

What we really had running on page one of the paper was an opinion piece and frankly not good journal. 

So a lot of good journalism now they don’t bother to even do the research, they just write what they feel. 

And part of that is 1, they’re lazy. 

But the other part is the news outlets. 

Don’t give them the time to do a proper piece. 

And frankly. 

If it’s in the paper, I would rather they do some proper research and actually determine is that true? 

I actually had gone digging earlier in the day on this exact issue and several credible sources out on social media out on blogs out on the news had come out and said no, we don’t believe. 

It’s a hack. 

So the problem is you write this rubbish and frankly it was just rubbish and garbage and it’s one of the reasons I refuse to pay. 

For newspapers these days, because they’re not just fact anymore. 

They become more of an opinion show. 

And I think in today’s world that’s something people are looking for is more opinions, and that’s why they’re. 

Right that way. 

But it really doesn’t help. 

Stop mayhem and stop. 

Suggesting the people the wrong facts when they’re all opinion pieces. 

So I wish journalism would go back to the old days where they actually would research a piece, talk about the piece after some research, and then go from there. 

If they did that, things would be much better and maybe the public wouldn’t get up in arms about everything, but Oh no. 

And by the way, TV is not any different from this. 

They just write to take the angle, frankly to get eyes on their stuff and to get clickbaity on their stuff. 

So let’s. 

Return journalism to its old days. 

Because, frankly, many journalists outlets I don’t even trust anymore. 

They’re not as much a trusted source as it were. 

Remember days when. 

Walter Cronkite came on the news or Peter Mansbridge in Canada. 

And everybody trusted them. 

And now I turn on the news and I think, geez, do I really wanna listen to this anchor or donut? 

Do I really care? 

Do I really want to invite them in to my home? 

It’s all about trust folks. 

More and more so let’s, uh, make journalism better. 

Rob Cairns Founder, CEO and Cief Creator of Amazing Ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing 

Talking about trust in journalism. 

Have a great day. 

Bye bye for now. 

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