Episode 10: Avoid The Walmart Photo Center

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Rob Cairns talks about why the Walmart Photo Center should be avoided.

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Hey everybody, Rob Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO and chief. Creative amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing in today’s addition to the Great Canadian Rent I talk about. How Walmart Photo department is bad for customer service. And personally I think you should go elsewhere. It’s podcasts like this that think I need to reincarnate the customer service hall of shame. A blog I had for a couple years where I wrote about customer service issues. 

And they.Actually got a lot of notice, but that’s for another day. So this week on Monday I decided to upload a pile of photos to Walmart Photo Center in Canada and they got sent to the store and my credit card got charged. So that’s the first problem. Then the next day. Photos that were supposed to be ready in 24 hours. I get an e-mail saying. Yours has been delayed, no? Reasoning why, how, where, when, etc. I got really frustrated. Tried calling the number of Walmart one 800 numbers I got bounced all over the place. I finally said forget it and I called the Copper Creek store. Well, the manager there the store manager was actually quite helpful. It’s not his fault. He proceeded to explain that the problem is Walmart contracts out the photo department to a third party company. What is surprise? They provide all the supplies work on getting the paper. And provide the maintenance on the equipment. Today he actually called me back to let me know they’ve got a big problem. They haven’t been able to get any paper from Kodak, which is frankly, their third party company problem. So here’s the problem. First of all, my credit card never should have been charged. Second of all. I had to fight to get a refund. Not a good thing. With the one 800 number which I. Did get finally. 

, I should also say I’ve managed to take those photos and upload them. The staples in Canada and I had. Produced within an hour, so kudos to Staples for taking care of me. Once again, I don’t blame the manager at the Copper Creek store. I blame head office at Walmart. Frankly for being apathetic, I’m really not caring and apparently this is an ongoing problem. So really what you probably want to do? If you’re doing photo production is stay away from Walmart and playing yourself. A little better. It’s really bad service and apparently they’re working at new companies in the New Year, but that’s a little too late for me. They’ve already lost my photo business. I’ll go back to Staples time and time again. I’ve had really good luck there with calendars, photos and other thing print material in the past. Just some fruit. For thought stay. Away from Walmart for photoproduction. Rob Cairns. With the Great Canadian rent, have a great day. Bye bye for now. 


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