This Site – My Personal Site

As many of you know there was a time when I had a personal blog before this one. Then the dreaded Facebook came along and I stopped blogging. To the point where I gave it up.

Over the last couple of years I started blogging again, I felt I need a personal website where I had control of what I posted on it and not depending on the Facebook monster.

I always tell my clients to own their content because Facebook can change the rules for them. I decided I need to take my own medicine and own my own content.

I have had issues with FB myself. It will not allow me to share any posts from my business domain on the platform. It says I have violated community standards. Since when does posting a podcast violate standards?

This is a really good example of why you need to own your own content.

Moving forward I will continue to share fun stuff, what I am doing around town, what podcasts I am listening to as well as many business thoughts.

I am also going to do more with the Canadian Rant Podcast. I have managed to get away from it but moving forward a new podcast will come out every Tuesday. I will be sharing many of my thoughts in the Canadian Rant.

In other news around personal branding, I have moved to . This website is where you can find all things I do on the web.

If you ever have any questions, please drop me a line.

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