Lots Going On

Lately there is lots going on. It seems I am unsure of where to start. I took part of the day today to look at it and reset.

It is the only way. I am taking this weekend to relax and go away. I need the break in a big way.

Part of it includes the following:

  1. I am redoing my business this website and updating my business site. Both are works in progress.
  2. Family stuff – enough said on that one.
  3. I have a client who has caused me issues with a project. They have taken too long to provide content and now that it is provided they wanted it yesterday.
  4. I have been helping my friend Phil out who owns the Jewellery store since his wife is away.
  5. I am working on a premium e-book for sale.
  6. I have started the outline for my new book

This all goes on. Usually I am great with time management but even now I feel so overwhelmed. I will be ok but I just need to do a reset. One thing we all need to do is do self care and I am doing that.

I just have lots going on and I will get there. I just need some time.

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