Health Update For April 23

I thought I would drop in a health update. Generally, things are not going that bad but there have been some bumps in the road.

Dr. Thompson; my wound doctor; has 100% taken me off the antibiotics. That happened last Thursday. The wound is healing – she thinks it will probably take another 4 to 6 weeks. The infection is almost gone. Now it is time for it to just heal.

I go to wound care every 2 days now not every day. That changed last Thursday.

So things are looking up.

I had a rough few days in terms of Blood Sugar. Normally I am 96-97% of the time in my normal range. After the antibiotics were stopped, that shifted to the 78% range with the other 22% being sugar lows. I rarely run high.

My diet had not changed and my insulin had not changed so the only thing could be the antibiotics that were in my system.

The good news is that on Monday I am back in range and I have not hit any sugar lows. That is a good thing.

Thanks everyone for your support.

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