Social Media Experiment

If you recall a couple of weeks ago, I removed all social media from my phone except for private messages.

I am using an app called Beeper to manage all my private chats. I use this on both my desktop, tablet and Android phone. I started using Beeper before Automattic purchased it and before I started this experiment.

Beeper made it all possible. There was no need to have all the social media apps on my phone.

I made a decision that I needed to unplug even more when I was not working. Frankly, I was also tired of all the Toxic people on social media. It was not doing my head and brain any good.

So I removed all social media apps from my phone.

This has been one of the best and most important things I have ever done.

If anyone has watched me over the last year, I have been pulling away more and more by the week.

I had already stopped using Facebook for most things, I no longer post personal photos or pictures on Facebook. These thoughts and pictures can be found here – on this blog.

One of the reasons for doing this was I tired of Facebook. I wanted to own my content.

So removing social media from my phone was just part of a progression.

I am a much better person since I removed social media from my phone. I am much better off mentally.

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